Policy Statement

The College of Charleston as a state supported college will abide by the General Records Retention Schedules for State Colleges and Universities prepared by the Archives and Record Management Division of the State Archives. The document describes and lists what types of records that are considered Permanent and others with recommended retention periods. While the permanent ones are to be kept at all cost by the college, the others will follow the recommended timetable and be disposed of regularly and legally.

The General Schedules approved by the state General Assembly effective May, 2003 becomes the law for all the college’s records management. All departments of the college, Academic and Administrative offices are expected to comply with the general records schedules. Each department will be responsible for their records management and adhering to these schedules. With the help of the Institutional Records Analyst, every department will be required to identify the schedules that cover their particular records and follow those accordingly, destroying non-permanent records regularly as the schedule dictates. Any records that the department feels are not adequately covered by the general schedules will be covered by Specific Schedules, initiated by the Records Analyst with the help of the department. If you believe that any exception may apply to your particular records series, or have any changes occur, please contact the institutional Records Analyst for your records reassessments.

Failure to adhere to this Records Retention Policy could subject the particular department and /or the college an Archives visit and audit which could result in fines by the state.