Destroying Your Records

Before any records are destroyed you should be sure to follow the general records retention schedules or your specific department schedules.

Please reference pages 10-13 of the general schedules to report pertinent destruction information to the institution's Records Analyst. Note that if destruction is not reported, you have not followed the retention schedules or the law.
Report of Records Destroyed: Instructions, Download the Form (doc)

Before initiating the next form, be sure to read, understand and follow these guidelines: The BDM has replaced the FREDTechnical Information Leaflet Number 13
Authorization For Disposal of Original Paper Records Stored As Digital Images:
Download the Form (doc)

Remember that FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) requires us to meticulously safeguard individual student's personal information. Due to FERPA regulations you should always shred any record that has individual students’ personal information on them.

For identity theft prevention, please also shred any office paper that includes individual personal information.

For those departments who have extensive destruction/shredding needs, please contact the Records Analyst at 843.953.7134 for more information.